I’m Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months.

Yes, that’s happening!

This idea to build and launch a new product or service each month for a year is not new. In fact, it is a well-known meme within the maker-shipper community that is popularized and most probably originated by Pieter Levels back in 2014. The blueprint time frame of 12 startups in 12 months has been used by many and someone even compiled a working list of all the projects launched from executing on this idea.

There is also The 24 Hour Startup Challenge that I believe to be started in the same spirit as the 12S/12M. I believe that the spirit is in holding oneself accountable in front of one’s internet audience, getting early feedback and shipping the product no matter what within a set time frame.

So, as I exclaimed in the post title, I am finally joining the club by pledging (and if all goes as well, finishing) to build 12 startups in the coming 12 months. Some challengers wrote that the whole process was more important than finishing the challenge, I suspect that too, but we will see. I will explain the details with the six questions of investigative journalism which I find to be very useful in various situations including this one right here.

Why? Now is the most convenient time for me to do this challenge. First, I have always wanted to try doing this challenge ever since I learned about it maybe in 2017. Second, I finally have enough time to dedicate to serious side-projects without dying from hunger in the process. Third is my belief that doing this challenge will strengthen my barely-there startup-building-then-shipping muscles within a year.

Who? I am Gereltuya, a nomad working to become a maker. I have decided to become a full-time maker in December, 2019. Over the last year, I slowly steered my professional life to the path I want to be on for at least the next decade. I have quit my then-full-time job and now I hold a part-time position that will fortunately allow me to comfortably build startups on the side.

What? There is an ongoing process that I am currently an active part of: defining what a concept-oriented startup could do in the preventive health tech space in Mongolian market. I predict that at least the first three of the projects I am pledging to build will be created within the process I just mentioned. Aside from that, I cannot say anything definitely now, but I will try to make decisions that will ultimately maximize the result of the challenge for the better.

This is my Green Dot avatar, created within the ongoing process that is Green Dot. This is my Green Dot avatar, created within the ongoing process that is Green Dot.

How? I think I will dedicate about 4 hours to building new startups every single day. I am thinking of using the popular technique of joining a group of like-minded people and sharing my progress (even if it is a raw plan, failure, struggle, luck or success) openly along the way. Then again, things could be very different even a month from now on.

Where? I will most probably stay in Mongolia for the whole of the next 12 months considering the current state of our mid-COVID-19 planet. The startups will be then anything that can be experienced online by anyone around the world as per my prediction. I will add the monthly updates within the first week of the new challenge month to this exact post.

When? I will not wait for the “magical inspiration of January” to come hit my ass for this challenge. I would like an easy-to-remember date, though. The challenge, for me, starts on 2020/12/12. Now, when will you join me?

Monthly updates

  1. December, 2020: My first launch story: Green Dot Challenge (12 min read)
  2. January, 2021: A structured no-code template for portfolio websites such as: https://enkhjargal.art/ (Evolved to a different address as of 2023)
  3. February, 2021: A structured no-code template for personal websites such as: https://gereltuya.com/
  4. March, 2021: A guidebook titled “Хятадад онлайн худалдаа эрхлэх, онлайн маркетинг хийх нь”, with my friend Aminzul Davaa
  5. April, 2021: https://mongolia2china.com/, with my friend Aminzul Davaa as well
  6. May — November, 2021: Since I started working at TomYo Edtech, I got a little sidetracked to work on my side projects. I will be continuing the challenge when the right time comes up again.