Introducing a new challenge! - July noted - Entry 01

What is “July noted”?

It is a month-long writing challenge created by Gereltuya for Gereltuya (in other words, auto-challenge). Through July noted, I will experiment with my writing, strengthen my consistency and explore why it is so hard to write.

Why the name?

“July” is for the duration of the challenge and “noted” is to indicate that this challenge focuses on writing. Oh, and “July noted” rhymed with “duly noted” in the old times.

How will it be done?

July noted, on the whole, follows a format named CDD which is short for Challenge, Document and Distribute. CDD will be explored later in the month, through an independent post. CDD may be referred as meta-challenge in my upcoming posts.

End note to my meta-challenge partner:

Aminzul Davaa, it is indeed hard to write, but I thank you for pushing me forward to start these challenges! Adventures await us!