AI engineer

TomYo EdTech LLC

2020 โ€” 2021 ๐Ÿ“ธ

Joining TomYo, an edtech startup, as an AI engineer, Gereltuya contributed to the TomYo mobile app by introducing a version of adaptive language assessment model. She also held the Business Intelligence lead position briefly before recently pivoting to become a Product manager at TomYo.

R&D engineer

Dentsu Data Artist Mongol LLC

2019 โ€” 2020

Gereltuya functioned as a Project Leader for one data engineering project and led the company innovation team of nine for six months. She focused her R&D efforts on using latest advances in NLP such as Transformer and BERT to solve real-world problems.

Web developer

A Plus International. LLC

2018 โ€” 2019

While at A Plus, an edtech startup, Gereltuya contributed to the web development on the back-end by implementing online course aggregator and course catalog on Python/Django codebase.

Student researcher

Open Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology, National University of Mongolia

2015 โ€” 2017

Gereltuya worked on the Virtual Museum project for The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum while at the CG-MLab, a research lab led by Ph.Dr. Enkhbayar Altantsetseg. She worked on partial scans with multiple point cloud data to construct 3D models on "C++"-based stack.

Research assistant to Sc.Dr. Tumurbat Sodnomkhorloo

National University of Mongolia

2015 โ€” 2017

While working as a research assistant to Prof. Sc.Dr. Tumurbat Sodnomkhorloo, Gereltuya oversaw communications with foreign journals and organization of papers and manuscripts.


ACM SIGGRAPH member and Student volunteer


2017 โ€” 2017 ๐Ÿ“ธ

As referenced by her research laboratory leader Ph.Dr. Enkhbayar, Gereltuya served as a student volunteer for the SIGGRAPH 2017. The conference was held in Los Angeles, CA, USA in August, 2017.

Jenesys2.0 Student participant


2016 โ€” 2016 ๐Ÿ“ธ

Gereltuya has been a selected participant of the Jenesys2.0, a cultural and scientific exchange program organized by Japanese government. The program took place across Tokyo, Nagasaki prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture and Nagano prefecture of Japan in February, 2016.

Student member of the Silk-road Universities Network

South Korea

2015 โ€” 2016 ๐Ÿ“ธ

Gereltuya has been the student representative of the National University of Mongolia for the Silk-road Universities Network and she attended the first general assembly meeting in Gyeongju, South Korea in August, 2015.


Gereltuya Bayanmunkh believes that we, the people of this technological era, must be life-long learners to stay competitive in our chosen fields. Gereltuya is passionate about remote-working, machine learning, maker culture and blogging.


B.Sc., Mathematics

National University of Mongolia

2014 โ€” 2019

Gereltuya graduated the university with Mathematics as major and Computer Science as minor background, studying Computer Science basics for two years prior to studying Mathematics. With "A solution to a simple case of Cake-cutting problem", she participated in the student research conference of the university under the supervision of Ph.Dr. Uuganbaatar Ninjbat in 2015.

Participant and Student Project Prize Winner

Deep Learning UB Summer School

June, 2018 โ€” July, 2018 ๐Ÿ“ธ

Gereltuya successfully completed DLUB 2018, a summer school aimed to introduce Deep Learning basic concepts and some use-cases to Mongolian students and young professionals. The summer school was held at the Institute of Mathematics, National University of Mongolia. Gereltuya, with Yanjinlkham, has participated in the student project competition and has won the sponsor prize by the Dentsu Data Artist Mongol LLC.

Student Participant

MIT Global Startup Labs Mongolia

June, 2016 โ€” August, 2016 ๐Ÿ“ธ

MIT Global Startup Labs Mongolia was MIT-Mongolia initiativeโ€™s pilot program, a summer-long intensive coding and entrepreneurship bootcamp for rising technology entrepreneurs. Gereltuya successfully participated the bootcamp, pitching a city-based service-recommendation mobile application named Khot at the Demo Day.

Local Participant and Student Volunteer

Stochastic Processes and Applications Mongolia

June, 2015 โ€” August, 2015 ๐Ÿ“ธ

Stochastic Processes and Applications Mongolia 2015 was a two-week-long CIMPA-DAAD Research School held at the National University of Mongolia. The research school was preceded by an IMU-funded Pre-school focused on the measure-theoretic probability theory. Gereltuya successfully finished the three-week-long pre-school course taught by Ass. Prof. Friedrich Hubalek, TU Wien. Gereltuya participated in the research school both as a local participant and a student volunteer.


Machine learning

Deep learning

NLP (BERT/Transformer)

Deep Reinforcement learning

Data analysis

Data engineering










A list of references is available upon request.